Since more and more people are cutting the cord, they are also left with the dilemma as to which antenna is the best one. Since each and every company has something different and unique to offer. There is one such company which is stepping its game ahead among its competitors and it is The Winegard Elite 7550. This antenna covers a range of 70miles and it is considered to be one of the most powerful antenna that the company has come up with. The Winegard has performed an outstanding work when it comes to picking up the signals and providing clean and clear picture quality to its viewers.

This antenna can easily pick up both VHF as well as UHF signals. It also has an in-built amplifier along with the clear circuit technology so as to provide the best possible picture image. Though it is a bit expensive than the indoor counterparts. But surely this price tag of Winegard is less than your monthly cable bills. Also this is just a one-time investment wherein you would be receiving over-the-air channels absolutely free of cost. This Winegard model is unique than the other outdoor antennas hence it immediately attracts attention. The model has multiple metal bars and it comes in an hour glass shaped plastic. Its appearance itself is sure to garner a lot of praises.

This Winegard antenna has an LTE filter which the company says is mostly designed specifically for fighting against any interference that comes from the cell towers. It also comes along with a 3foot USB power cable and an adapter. The installation process of this antenna for some of the consumers may seem to be intimidating but it is very much straightforward. There is also a mounting pole and a foot bracket which can be safely secured to the roof or any of the other exterior portion.

Follow the guide properly to get the antenna installed so that you face no difficulty. Once the process is done, scan through the channels and you are sure to receive more than 50 plus channels. The picture quality is crystal clear and crisp. So you are sure to receive 1080p display. The sub-channels also looked better.

The only problem that we came across with this antenna is that, the components should be much sturdier. The flat metal related components are not as secure as it is supposed to be. Since during any windy or stormy climate it would start to rattle off and lead to distraction. Hence many-a-times it would make us wonder whether this design antenna would be able to withstand any harsh climates.

Overall this antenna is exceptionally good in terms of picking up the reception signals. The only concern that one would have is related to its design since even with a normal pressure of it can lead to loosening or breaking of the metal part or the screw. The company also offers a 30-day return policy on any of their new antennas purchased. For those of you who are a big fan of Winegard antenna would surely love this antenna for its performance.

Winegard Elite 7550 review: A great-performing antenna