TV antennas are one of the best things that can ever happen to a cord cutter. Though the TV antennas have been there in the past but its resurgence has led to a huge momentum among the cord cutters. Additionally, the shift from analog to digital has also provided best picture quality which the cord cutters wouldn’t even get through the cable TV. Due to the TV antennas, you are sure to receive a lot of free channels. Having a digital over-the-air TV antenna, you can receive not one or two but more than five different channels for each number. You can receive the major broadcasting networks such as ABC, PBS, CW, Fox, NBC and so on. On an average basis, the cord cutters who are making use of the over-the-air antennas can receive around 50 channels absolutely free of cost. This is not something like the traditional cable package which you would otherwise receive. Another good option is to pair up the TV antenna with a good online streaming subscription such as Hulu, Netflix and so on. For those of you who do not have a new TV, would need to also get a converter box so that they can receive all the channels.

Various TV antennas have different coverage range that they cover. Based on these range, it would depend how many channels you can receive. There are some good brands such as Channel Master, Mohu, Antennas Direct and so on. It also depends exactly where you place the antenna. In case of indoor antennas, the best place would be high on the wall or the window. Once the placement is decided then you can scan for channels. Note that without a trial and error, you may not get the right position wherein maximum number of channels can be received.

There can also be chances that your TV may also have the signal strength wherein you can tune into those channels and also check the strength of the signal. The meter change can occur when you move around the antenna on the wall or the window. The moment you see a good signal then you can stop the antenna. In certain cases, you may only receive a dozens of channels whereas for some they may receive 50 plus and some may receive 120 or more channels. Though you may not be watching all of these on a regular basis with just a handful of them being your favourites. But the cord cutting trend is growing and this led to a rise in the number of TV channels that are being available for free. More and more stations are joining the bandwagon which means you get more number of channels absolutely free of cost. Also most of the broadcast stations would have the sub-channels. Even though these sub-channels would not be in the HD format but surely it is a good deal that it is absolutely free.

To conclude, we can say that there are tons of content now also available for TV antenna viewers. Hence there is no need to have second thoughts when it comes to cutting the cord since you would not be losing out your favourite content.