One thing everyone who has a TV antenna must do

The over-the-air television is gaining a lot of momentum and there has been a rise in the number of people who are opting for cord cutting. With the rising prices of the cable and satellite bills, switching to TV antennas is also considered to be one of the best ways wherein you can supplement online streaming services as well such as Hulu, Amazon and so on. It is a way of watching your favourite series along with some live programs. Even for sports followers, the TV antenna has something good to offer them wherein they can view some of the major sports events on the major broadcast channels. Channels that are viewed through the TV antennas are provided free of cost but surely there is some cost attached to the maintenance part of it.

There are times when the TV stations keep moving to different frequencies. This can lead to dropping of some channels or changes required in the settings. Due to the changes in the frequencies, you may lose out on the access to certain stations. This is not something which is minor especially now when there is a move happening among host of stations in the couple of years. In such cases, there would be a need to rescan your television every time there is a move happening so that you can receive those dropped channels.

Around 1000 stations have planned to give up on the existing broadcast channels and instead chosen to switch to new frequencies. Few of those stations have also chosen to go off air whereas few newer ones have replaced them. This transition would not happen all at once and it would occur in a period of 39 months. Most of the stations have already warned or informed their viewers about these changes. Hence it would be a better thing to keep a tab on your favourite channels.

This does not mean that you as an antenna user would need to purchase some new device. There is no change in your TV unit or the existing antenna that you are using. During this phase of transition, there is one important step that you as antenna user would need to do and that is rescanning the channels. The process of rescanning is basically telling the television to check out for any kind of current channel lineup. This process would pick up any kind of changes and also allow the access to the stations which may have probably moved around. Hence as the antenna user, it would be a good idea to carry out a periodic rescanning.

The rescanning process is based on your television but there are certain basic guidelines that you would need to follow. Click on the menu option on the TV remote and look out for Settings or channels. Once you click on it, you should get the option as AutoScan or AutoProgram. Click on it and allow your TV to rescan. Note that the options may not be the same for all television. Hence check out for similar options for your respective TV. This one process of rescanning would ensure that you get all of your favourite channels available.