Watching TV with the help of an OTA antenna has become quite simpler. No longer you need to pay those outrageous cable or satellite bills. The over-the-air antenna has everything covered for you. All you would need to do is just get the right choice of TV antenna based on your area and the availability of signals. Once you purchase the antenna, get it installed either indoors or outdoors and then you are good to go ahead with scanning the channels and watching all of your favourite shows and programs. With an over-the-air antenna, it would provide you with the option to watch local and at times regional shows such as entertainment, cookery, weather, sports and news as well. 9NEWS is one such channel that is available over-the-air.

However, there is nothing to worry if you have lost the 9NEWS on 20.1 and 9.4. Due to some tinkering with the signals, the channels have dropped. But unless you hit few buttons on your TV, it would appear again. Hence there is a need for rescanning your TV so that you can again view the 9NEWS channel without any trouble. Due to few changes in the signals, the channel has dropped leading to many of the viewers complaining about the loss of 9NEWS. However, you can get it back by just carrying out a rescan.

All you would need to do is tell your TV that you would want to see the channel. In case if you are still having the TV owner’s manual then it is a great deal since it would help in making the rescanning process simpler. To start with rescanning of the channels, firstly you would need to get hold of the TV remote and click on the MENU or the SETUP button present on the remote. The RIGHT/LEFT and UP/DOWN buttons on the remote would help in the further rescanning process.

  1. Firstly, click on the MENU button present on the TV remote or the converter box remote.
  2. Click on SETTINGS or SETUP
  3. Once in there, click on SYSTEM or INSTALLATION or CHANNELS (It may vary from one TV brand to another)
  5. Once the above process is done, click on OK or ENTER or SELECT. This would initiate the rescanning process.
  6. In certain cases, few of the televisions normally provide a disclaimer that rescanning would lead to reprogramming of all the existing channels. This is perfectly fine and nothing to worry about. Since at this time, you would need to reprogram the tuner so that it can upgrade and show up all the channels.
  7. It would take around 15 to 30minutes for the scanning process to get completed. At this stage, do not try to stop the process or do not abort it.
  8. Let it take its time to get completed. Most of the times, the television would quit the process itself once the scanning is done. In certain cases, it would show a message wherein you would need to click on EXIT or OK from the remote.

Once the rescanning process is completed, you should be able to view your favourite 9NEWS channel.