- Adirondack Firetowers On The Air
Created May 2010
Last updated September 2014

Members of the Northern New York Amateur Radio Association
(NNYARA) would like to promote the idea of operating from current and
former Adirondack Fire Tower locations. We'd like to set
up something similar to the ARLS to coordinate and
recognize operation. For those of us who hike, it is
easy enough to take a HT up, but making VHF-FM
contacts other than through repeaters is pretty rare
unless other stations know to listen. We envision this
site to be a way to let people know what's happening
and coordinate events. The ARRL VHF QSO Party
is a good opportunity. VHF Simplex contacts are
possible if other hams know when you will be "up
. Join the Yahoo Group to exchange info.
Eventually we'll set up special events and awards,
but for now, we'll just post a list of 'activations' .
Contacts may also qualify for SOTA and GORC.
Check the Yahoo Group and KC2W if
*You might find KC2WI on the NNY 75M frequency 3.958,
during the North Country Group Sunday morning 8:30 AM,
afternoons 5:30~7:30. Also try HFPack Primary frequencies,
7.255; Ragchewers 7.272; Nightwatch 7.190, or the
Black River Valley ARC repeater 146.955 (Echolink
node AB2XN) [8 PM net], Boonville ARC 146.655
[9 PM net], Hamilton Co. ARC 147.165 or  Affordable Technical Solutions Pillsbury Mountain Fire Tower - Photo by KC2WI  
FireTowerRadio Yahoo Group     list of 'activations'   Fire Tower List by Bill Starr (pdf)
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